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Love the tone of a released string matches the length! Such a great detail


What a neat, fun game! Nifty concept and clean implementation. Cheers. 

Love it.. a bit hard.. but love it. What engine did you use?

howler.js for the sound, but otherwise it's just html5 canvas and javascript

I have completed the game! It was amazing! :) I even wrote a program to solve the puzzle (but used only for one level).

The last level (15th) is a bit unclear at first. You have 36 "ideas" to find, but you have to find only 29 of them. The rest are only for fun.

How's your program work? Is it a brute-forcer, or something more clever?


It was brute force of checking all possibilities. For levels that have less than 10 M cases clever programs are not worth to build. Calculations of that is a matter of few minutes, building program is about few hours.

With level 14 I had to calculate exact length of target lines to get to know what is the target of lines. Some other clever things (like symmetry) and finally I got the answer without a program. So it was rather a help than a full answer.

And add one more thing: level 15 is for sure faster by hand than checking all possibilities. Intersections are not so easy to catch. Plus you have to think which cases are possible and which aren't. That wasn't easy, but it was complex enough to show me logic/math part of your game.



Absolutly Amazingly simple concept, could easily lose a lot of time in this

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Finally, passed third level. Have to say that was tricky, because the key has unfair presentation of crosses. Instead of showing double-cross in in the same point, the key shows usual single cross, where is actually two overlaid crosses. That may cause the wrong logic. Has to be different symbols for O, X and XX.  ...anyway 10/10.

Amazing concept and execution; I would play this to no end over long waits on my phone. Unfortunately, it's really small on my phone's web browser.

This game  makes me seriously question if I'm worthy to have a brain in my skull.

10/10 would have an existential crisis again.

Love it! Lots of very neat ideas and complex spatial reasoning.

Nice Game.

At first I thought it was just trial and error. But then I figured out that you could think a lot about the lengths and then things got easier. Maybe this should be encouraged more. The first few levels could be solved by just "make a pretty pattern" which makes later levels quite much harder.


Is it even possible to complete level 3 ? I mean, there is a single intersection in the middle, how are you supposed to do that if every intersection counts as 2 ? 

Yeah... I passed it

epic... such a fresh idea!

one thought: can you make a random shape generator so the game levels becomes endless? thx.

really really hard, very hard, but creative, great job!

super hard but, pretty fun. Would be nice if there was a download option or, full screen option but, still good!

Really really cool! But really difficult. I feel like I'm more trying to guess what shape you want us to make instead of thinking about the length meter up top. Either way, incredibly polished and just masterful! :)


When there are two points in the same location, there needs to be a way to determine which you will move.

Amy chance of a download?


Beautiful game wonderfully executed.

Is it possible to save the game at all? (I could just be missing something)

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Yep! In the bottom right you'll find a skip/next button. If the button says "skip" that means you haven't beaten the level. If it says "next" that means you have. Kind of a janky implementation, sorry!

There's a bug that makes it invisible during the tutorial, but you can still click on it.

Great, thank you :D


This is so beautiful. I love how the strings make sound if you "pluck" them, and how the sound gets lower if the string is longer. Great detail!!

This put a little smile on my face

Great game! It's really creative.

This is really cool!!

I really liked the simplicity of this game. It's unique idea and well thought out levels really bring this game to life. I would definetly reccommend it! 

such a creative masterpieceļ¼

such a creative masterpieceļ¼

fun cool interesting original. Should totally port to mobile