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Really You're so much talented 

I have a question if you're free to say

which  language or game engine did you used? 


no game engine, howler.js for sound, but otherwise it's plain html5/js

afaik prevents you from seeing the game's code with right click -> view source, but if you want to take a look at that stuff the game is also hosted here with no such restrictions


tested on a pc with mouse, maybe on a touchscreen could be nicer and smoother play

do you plan to improve on something? (I've seen on string synths with adjustable string's hardness/bouncing, and multiplying strings with a couple of slightly detuned harmonics)

Do you have any samples or recordings to share? :D

Awesome stuff.

That so awesome ! I really love it !

Cool, great with drum samples too


Really cool! How is the license of the tracks created with this? Can we record the output sounds and use for our own projects?


Please do! As with any other instrument, the output is yours. not mine :)