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I can't believe I've had this since the BLM bundle and hadn't tried it yet! Beat the whole thing in one sitting, it was so fun and relaxing--well, mostly relaxing... and I just loved it.  Absolutely stellar.


this game was so fun and interesting ! i love the mechanics of this little platformer. the graphics and the music are amazing too.

When I start the game, I just get a blue screen with white dots in the corners and no controls work. I also can't seem to select the "Save & Quit" button either. Is it me or the game?

It's designed that way actually. Try using your arrow keys and you'll see a little blue ring. Move around that ring to touch the 4 dots.

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I'm on MacOS, and I had to hit Space Bar to get anything to happen in the game, once I reach the blue screen. I, too, cannot hit "Save & Quit", though. I'm a bit perplexed about that.

EDIT: AH! You can't even hit "Exit" or "Save & Quit" until you've gotten past this first white dots stage. Then you can select "Save & Quit" successfully with Space.


I got this game through the Indie Bundle for Abortion Funds and downloaded it but unfortunately when launching the app it pulls up a window, says "the floor is loading" for a quick second and then just goes to a black screen and never loads. Does anyone know how I can fix this issue? 


good game with good mechanics I loved the stuff at the end which I will leave out for spoiler reasons but man that was a trip

Great fun game, some puzzles take a few tries to figure out but nothing you would get stuck on. It is mostly chill and sometimes mysterious.

I finally can play this game and it really is as much fun as I hoped. I even made a video.

i'm softlock when the game become glitched and the ground become solid, i can't come back and i can't continue the level


The fact that the rotation level softlock is still not fixed despite being reported multiple times is kinda outrageous tbh. I was going for a 100% but i don't think i care enough to start over

Wow, this is fantastic


Did you completely do everything yourself? Code, graphics, music?

Can I showcase this in computer class as example of a game done by a woman? To tickle them girls that you can bridge art and science, and see life is more colourful if you don't pick the economic profile....


So fun, pretty and relaxing.

Short and fun little game. It kept me interested and changing up things. Good stuff!

I paid $10 USD and the menu doesnt even work so i cant play

best game


Had a ton of fun playing this on stream! It was super calming and I really enjoyed the sound design of it :)

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Thank you for contributing "The Floor is Jelly" to the bundle for racial equality and justice! I've been reviewing games in the bundle, and came across this gem. What a great game!

My full review is here:


Definitely needs a flashing lights warning. It was so much fun using the jelly physics. I've never experienced any platformer like it and it was really satisfying. I'm conflicted with this game because I seriously love the concept and playing it was so relaxing, but then you get to the end levels and that changes (not being specific as to not give spoilers). It's like it was made complex in that way for no reason, even if the effect and concept was cool. It did give it a little something extra so I can't hate on it, but I missed the relaxed feeling I got in earlier levels.


This game was truly an amazing platformer! Beautiful, and very calming to play. The levels are all designed great and the ending is breathtaking!


Is there a way to skip certain levels? Finding myself increasingly frustrated with the level where the character has to jump over multiple flowers to get to the door - the flowers always seem primed ot push you in the wrong direction. Is there a way of getting past that?


Same issue as Princess Nest bellow:

"When I start the game, I get the menu screen but can't select anything with keyboard, mouse or controller. I have to use task manager to close it and it tells me "fatal error, the application lost the device context." Except I don't even get the fatal error message, it is just a frozen unworking app window.

Already tried run as admin, changing folder location, rebooting the pc. No luck.

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When I start the game, I get the menu screen but can't select anything with keyboard, mouse or controller. I have to use task manager to close it and it tells me "fatal error, the application lost the device context.

Would love to know how I can get the game to work, it looks great but cannot even get to the first level.


For me when I press begin game it just shows four dots.


press space then the arrow keys


I was REALLY enjoying the game to the point that I was considering buying it on Steam, until this happens. Is there a way to fix this? 

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Hit this today as well. The dev seems to be more active on steam and there seems to be a fix there. For us, messing with the save data works


Thanks, it worked!

By buying the game you help the developer fixing the issue...

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One of my favourite Indies the year it came out and I didnt even realize its in the bundle. The game is easy to explain: Its a an action puzzle platformer, with jello physics and a great soundtrack. You jump and sink into jello and using that to propel yourself towards the goal. Its well polished and an all around blast to play and you might be surprises how challenging the levels can become later with that seemingly simple concept. Keep playing if you enjoy the beginning, but wonder if its a bit too simple. Quite a few interesting ideas to come. Shame the game never got the attention it deserved. 5/5

More Racial Justice bundle impressions and ranking:

I was really enjoying the game however at the glitchy end im just stuck in a loop of the pink levels repeating and ive been playing forever but theres no ending??

good playable fun, right out of the gate.  Stayed up hours, way too late, after first loading, mesmerized   by the otherworldly feel. nice visuals and calm, transportive music and sound  design.   


This game was a cute, clever, and fun little platformer right until the end. The last zone was frustrating and lasted far too long. Shame an otherwise good little game has such a sour ending note.


Hey there!

This game looks amazing from the screenshots and I've been wondering whether it'd be possible to have a linux version in the future?


I agree,  I really like this genre and I would totally buy a linux version of this!

Really interesting concept, but it can be easy to get lost. 

The multijump mechanic is hard for me to navigate and turned out to be a frustrating experience, but it's a cute game and I hope I can try again later.

Same here. I started the game thinking, "Wow, what a beautiful game. Relaxing and nice..." then I couldn't even advance past the 2 giant tree stumps. It seems like an amazing game but only if you can do platforming.

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I have found  a glitch, I am stuck in the jelly and can't move, how would I get out?*Never mind* I really enjoyed this game and wish you the best of luck! The mechanics are snappy and the game is fun. The music is beautiful and the whole game blends very nicely with the color schemes! 


The first 2/3 were really fun. The next 1/6 was fine, I guess. Next time you make a really interesting physics concept into reality, I recommend stopping when the physics are no longing functioning as physics.

Also, this game really should have a flashing lights warning.


The way you express your opinion isn't helpful to the dev nor to possibly interested players. Except for the flashing lights thing.


Have you played all the way through the game? I was trying to avoid saying how the game ends, but when I said that the physics don't function as physics, I meant that very literally.  I was only able to get through it by repeatedly jamming the player character into walls until random luck got the player character through to the next window. The reason I mentioned the other 5/6th of the game is cause the end of the game was such a stark contrast from how the rest of the game felt.

No, I had not played through the game, which makes my point even more valid. It was not helpful to me, as someone interested int he game - and I don't feel it had been helpful to the dev either. Your following comment was actually a lot more helpful, though. At least three other people agree with me. Maybe the 8 people who don't, had already played the game.


There's not much that's helpful about what you're doing either...


Fantastic game, definitely worth a playthrough for anyone who picked up the Racial Justice and Equality bundle.


Thank you for this great game!

Really enjoyed playing it! My wife had to laugh real hard watching me playing this wonderful ending.

I'm wondering if anyone is having an issues opening this on Mac OS Catalina. The game opens to the main menu, but then is stuck on that page. I've clicked enter/spacebar and arrows to try to move down the menu, but nothing works :(


I have the same problem, with the Windows version...

Same with me for Windows...

Same here on Windows

Same on windows

Yeah I have the same problem on OS Catalina

Yo, this is friggin epic.

I still think about this game. It really stands out, wish more games were like it.

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