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I can't believe I've had this since the BLM bundle and hadn't tried it yet! Beat the whole thing in one sitting, it was so fun and relaxing--well, mostly relaxing... and I just loved it.  Absolutely stellar.


this game was so fun and interesting ! i love the mechanics of this little platformer. the graphics and the music are amazing too.

When I start the game, I just get a blue screen with white dots in the corners and no controls work. I also can't seem to select the "Save & Quit" button either. Is it me or the game?

It's designed that way actually. Try using your arrow keys and you'll see a little blue ring. Move around that ring to touch the 4 dots.

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I'm on MacOS, and I had to hit Space Bar to get anything to happen in the game, once I reach the blue screen. I, too, cannot hit "Save & Quit", though. I'm a bit perplexed about that.

EDIT: AH! You can't even hit "Exit" or "Save & Quit" until you've gotten past this first white dots stage. Then you can select "Save & Quit" successfully with Space.


I got this game through the Indie Bundle for Abortion Funds and downloaded it but unfortunately when launching the app it pulls up a window, says "the floor is loading" for a quick second and then just goes to a black screen and never loads. Does anyone know how I can fix this issue? 


good game with good mechanics I loved the stuff at the end which I will leave out for spoiler reasons but man that was a trip

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