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AuthorAuren Snyder


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I'm not sure who will ever see this comment but I have to say, I got a chance to play this game with somebody again a couple days ago and it reminded me that this is, by all accounts, one of the best video games I have ever played. I could go on about everything that is brilliant here but discovering all the little tricks of emergent gameplay while trying to win is such fun. If you're reading this as a lone traveller on the internet, I implore you, don't pass on this because it's local-multiplayer only, find a friend and give it a go! Now I want to organise a tournament...

very fun

Some give me a manual


Player 1 has to hold down the "A"  key on the keyboard, while player 2 holds down the "L" key. You have to hold in order to control the length of your line, but also have to be careful to not touch the sides or your opponent whilst your line is shorter than them; otherwise, you die.